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Welcome to Kyoto Group for Reduction of Agrochemical Pesticides (KGRAP) Homepage!!

Our activities are mainly the following three:
1. Weekly meeting to discuss agricultural and environmental problems in Japan.
2. Monitoring pests and diseases damage to citrus trees in our pesticide-reduced orchard twice a year.
3. Advertising, selling, and dispatching mandarin orangesharvested in our orchard.

In our orchard, we have about 1,000 mandarin orange trees. To demonstrate that a pesticide-reduced agriculture can be economically profitable, KGRAP has been conducting several researches since 1973 in Wakayama, Japan. For example, "Scale insects" were the primary damage to trees and fruits, however, after releasing "Rhyssapersuasoria; parasitic wasps)" we succeeded in reducing the damage. In our recent research, we are seeking for alternative pesticides which are totally organic and environmentally friendly. So far, we tested spraying mechanical oil to suffocate insects and some types of vinegar to prevent diseases. Some of these results in our orchard were already accepted by a scientific journal in English (Itioka et al., 1992*). Besides, the overall dataset of the economic aspects waspublished as a report in Japanese.

We sell mandarin oranges at \2,700 per box (10 kg), excluding postage. We only have this page in English,though feel free to contact us if you are interested in our activities.

c/o Dr. N. Ishida
People's Institute of Environment
305 Ishikawa-building, 21 Tanakasatonomae,
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan 606-8227
E-mail: kgrap(a)kais.kyoto-u.ac.jp
※Please change (a) to @.

*Ichioka, T., T. Inoue and N. Ishida. 1992. A ten-year study of population dynamics of citrus pests in the pesticide-reduced orchard. Researches on Population Ecology 34: 227

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